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“If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play at it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.” – Bob Hope



“Over the past several years, golf has become much more than a game, it has now become an important part of doing business in the corporate world. After all, other than the office and other places, a golf course offers a venue where a person can have client’s, employees or employers undivided attention for the better part of four hours.
We welcome you to Royal Palm Corporate Golf Professionals, a section that provides a complete array of golf services. Whether you’re interested in booking for your next corporate golfing event or providing your guests with incredible prizes; by enlisting us to handle the many details of your event, we can do it all… and more!
Our aim is to make corporate golf as easy as possible for our clients, whilst providing excellent service and competitive prices. We have handpicked professionals who can guarantee finding and organizing golf events that will suit all your requirements and that of your guests.
Through corporate golf programs, you can put the FUN back into business.


Hole 1 | Par 4

Blue: 350 | White: 329 | Red: 294


The green is hidden from view from the tee area due to a slight dog leg to the right. Trees and mounds run up both sides of the fairway forcing the first shot of the day to be an accurate one. If the tee shot is hit to the right then the second shot will almost certainly be blocked out by the trees. A ball hit left will also find the same thick rough, trees and sloping mounds, making the approach shot extremely difficult.
Even with a well execute tee shot to the heart of the fairway, the approach shot to the well guarded green will still test your nerve. Two bunkers to the right of the green will catch anything slightly pushed, while a deep bunker on the left will cause problems to even the best sand players. The long, narrow, contoured green makes chipping and putting very difficult to judge. On in two is really the only chance of making a par at this testing first hole.


Treasure Island

Hole 2 | Par 3

Blue: 205 | White: 161 | Red: 138


A medium length par 3 with trouble surrounding the green. Two large bunkers short right; will trap any weak, leaked shot. Two deep bunkers to the left of the green will catch any ball pulled left. The lake at the back of the green will also come into play for any ball hit long enough past both groups of bunkers. It is obvious to say that the best place to be on this hole is on the putting surface! A tee shot that fly’s straight will end up in a reasonable position with a fairly straight forward chip shot up the large green. The putting surface here is quite straight forward with a slight down hill contour from left to right. Ensure that you pick your line carefully, with pace being the key to a successful long putt.


Chemin De Fer

Hole 3 | Par 5

Blue: 518 | White: 502 | Red: 470


A short but troubled par 5 gives the player their first real chance of striking a sub par score at Royal Palm. The tee shot must carry the lake 150 yards to reach the lush straight fairway, which runs through tree lined rough both left and right. Out of bounds all the way up the right side of the trees, comes into play on every shot on the hole. Strategically placed fairway bunkers on the left and right can swallow up even the good shots. Bunkers short of the green make every shot to this green mentally difficult. The long but narrow green requires absolute precision on the approach shot as slopes left, right and long force the ball to be carried away from the putting surface. The green is long with a ridge towards the back. From the peak of the ridge towards the front of the green, the surface plays very quick from back to front. From the peak of the ridge to the back of the green, the surface runs the ball over the back of the green. The putting green demands a lot of respect so take extra time in deciding your putt. What this par 5 lacks in length is certainly made up with the obstacles of the hole design.


Mughalpura Plateau

Hole 4 | Par 3

Blue: 150 | White: 128 | Red: 110


Another medium length par 3 with tee shot placement being the key to playing this hole well. A plateau green must be hit to limit the damage here. Shots hit short will roll down the slope leaving a very difficult chip shot to an elevated green. Balls hit right will run straight into the lateral water hazard next to the OB wall. Balls hit left have to potential of finding the sand or running off down the slope away from the green. Balls hit long will either be lost in the thick bushes or trapped in the sand bunker below the level of the green. Due to the severe slope on the green from back to front, anything hit long will cause the next shot to run very quickly back towards the tee. The only place to be here is on the putting green and even that will not ensure a simple 2 putt par. The severity of the slope demands a putt to have the perfect line and pace, otherwise the ball will be rapidly gathered away from the hole by the slope. This green can make even the best putters look fooish!


Bhawani Junction

Hole 5 | Par 4

Blue: 358 | White: 330 | Red: 297


Another medium length par 4 yet again demands a well positioned tee shot. Trees, OB and a fairway bunker to the right, thick rough and trees to the left, leaves only one option:- Hit the fairway! From the fairway the approach shot to the elevated green requires a well struck shot with a mid to short iron. The target area is quite large so try to select the correct club for the best chance of leaving a reasonable length putt. 3 bunkers guard this green, one to the right, and two deep bunkers to the left need avoiding at all costs. The putting surface is quite kind but as always be aware of the pace of the green.



Hole 6 | Par 4

Blue: 406 | White: 374 | Red: 347


The pressure of another important tee shot demands a cool head and a lot of nerve. The 6th hole at Royal Palm is rated the most difficult on the course. A long sweeping dog leg to the left is surrounded by trouble from start to finish. From the tee the view shows the player little danger. However, a fairway bunker lies quietly at the corner of the dog leg 240 yards out. To the right of the bunker sits a lake which is fed by balls hit slightly right. The green comes into view from the corner of the dog leg. Players see a green guarded by bunkers both left and right. The less obvious hazard in the form of a lake in front of the green, protects the putting surface from a mis-hit shot or a mis-judgment in club selection. The long second shot requires nerve and skill to avoid the water. Once finally on the large green putting should not be too much of a problem a the surface is fairly flat.


Leap of Faith

Hole 7 | Par 5

Blue: 611 | White: 561 | Red: 515


From the very difficult 6th hole, to the massive 7th hole. The view from the tee adds fear to even the most accomplished golfer. Between the teeing area and the fairway lies a lake that stretches the drive carry to 200 yards! Trees and thick rough act as additional obstructions over this difficult tee shot. Once successfully over the water, players must negotiate the fairway bunkers both left and right. A well positioned second shot is vital if the hole is to be well played. The second shot requires a shot to be hit high over the trees which progressively creep into the narrowing fairway. 190 yards from the green, the width of the fairway narrows to 15 yards. At either side of the bottle neck there is danger in the of a fairway bunker to the right, and dense trees to the left. This forces the player to attempt to clear this troubled area. The fairway landing zone past the bottle neck opens up, and leaves an area of 80 yards before a large cross bunker comes into play 110 yards short of the green. The green is long, contoured and narrow with deep bunkers waiting both left and right. The putting surface will again punished a poorly judged putt as the slick surface is accompanied by large and subtle contours. This hole is safely guarded by it’s sheer length and various obstructions.


Walk in the clouds

Hole 8 | Par 4

Blue: 396 | White: 368 | Red: 312


A strong par 4 that allows enough margin for error to hit the tee shot long. Apart from the usual thick rough, trees to the right and a hidden fairway bunker on the right at 240 yards out, the tee shot is trouble free. The fairway is at it’s widest down the left of center with water coming into play for only the long hitters. The second shot is less simple than the tee shot as the front of the green is guarded by thick rough and two deep bunkers. Water also comes into play on the right. It begins 70 yards short of the green and continues up to the back of the putting surface. The green is also a hazard in it’s self. A severe slope from back to front requires long putts to be judged to perfection.



Hole 9 | Par 4

Blue: 406 | White: 380 | Red: 342


The 9th at Royal Palm is a dog leg swinging from right to left. The view from the tee allows the player to see any immediate danger. OB sits to the left of the tree line down the left side, two large fairway bunkers, nestled in the rough on the right will catch a ball sent to the right. Another fairway bunker in the distance which is too far out to come into play, acts as a perfect line from the tee. The dog leg turns to the left after the tree line on the left, approximately 240 yards from the tee. The view of the green on the corner of the dog leg shows the flag lying below the level of the fairway with a large bunker on the left of the green, and a hidden bunker 15 yards short right of the green. A lake down the left side of the later part of the fairway can come into play for a ball which is pulled to the left on the approach to the green. The positioning of the approach on the green is all important on this putting surface. A huge mound in the center of the green almost splits the green into two parts. A ball in the opposite section to the flag is definitely in 3 putt territory.


52 Canal Bank

Hole 10 | Par 4

Blue: 415 | White: 396 | Red: 373


The beginning of the back 9 at Royal Palm is as difficult as the finish to the front 9. From the tee players look upon a lush green fairway running through the middle of thick rough and trees. Down the left side of the hole sits OB which can easily catch any ball that comes too close. A large old tree in the distance acts as the turning point for this sharp dog legged fairway 265 yards from the tee. As the dog leg takes its turn the fairway landing area narrows with dense trees on the right and of course OB on the left. At the corner of the dog leg the view of the large green is in sight for the player. A mid to long iron approach requires a solid strike to avoid the bunkers on the right and the hidden lake which is generously fed by the sloping fairway. Once on the green notice the speed of the surface from back to front as a lazy approach to the green can add more shots to an already difficult hole. This hole demands a well hit and accurate tee shot, followed by the same with the second shot.



Hole 11 | Par 3

Blue: 175 | White: 159 | Red: 122


This lengthy par 3 shows the player very little from the tee. Deep bunkers left and right hide the view of the green, with only the flag giving an indication of the hole position. The difficulty in this hole lies in the narrowness of the green. A mid to long iron of 175 yards will find the middle of the green, which will only 10 yards short or long to remain on the putting surface. 165 yards will find the front edge of the green, 185 yards will see the ball sat deeply in the uninviting rough. Careful club selection and quality ball striking will be the only way to keep your tee shot on the green. The right portion of the green is quite flat so do not look too much into the line of the putt. The left portion is a different matter as the contour slopes steeply from the back right area into the middle of the green, making the hole here a very slippery position.



Hole 12 | Par 5

Blue: 175 | White: 159 | Red: 122


A solid par 5 that will reward good play, but punish a lazy attitude. As always at Royal Palm the tee shot is important to avoid the trees and thick rough. A dense corps of trees just off the right side sits 230 yards out from the tee which is a popular spot for the amateur golfer. Two fairway bunkers, 300 yards up the left side are in range for the longer hitters but there is enough fairway space to avoid these obstacles. A lake that begins 115 yards short right of the green is the main danger for the second shot. This can easily be avoided by laying up short of the trouble. A long, narrow, contoured green will need careful negotiation to avoid an unwanted 3 putt. All in all, this par 5 can be easily tamed if played with a sensible head.


Heart of Lahore

Hole 13 | Par 3

Blue: 165 | White: 148 | Red: 124


The beautiful par 3 is named “The Heart of Lahore”, but do not let its beauty lure you in as you will walk away from the unlucky 13th with a broken heart. The large heart shaped lake and heart shaped green are the main troubles here. The tee shot must carry 140 yards to escape the water. The front edge of the green is 150 yards from the tee. The two tiered green makes the club selection important. If the flag is cut on the lower tier and the ball ends up on the top tier, then the putt down the slop towards the water, requires the softest of touches. The putt from back to front is so fast that balls can easily run off the front edge of the green and towards the water. You will either love or hate this attractive hole.


The Longest Day

Hole 14 | Par 5

Blue: 590 | White: 564 | Red: 534


The monster par 5 has little defense apart from its sheer length. A wide fairway will allow you to open your shoulders to try and squeeze some extra yardage from your tee shot. A large fairway bunker 390 yards from the tee will be the first sign of trouble as the second shot will need to be navigated over the sand to have any real chance of reaching the green in a respectable number of shots. After the first bunker, the fairway offers a generous area for landing for balls that have escaped the sand. A second bunker comes into play down the right side 60 yards short of the green, so take caution when deciding your second shot. Between the two bunkers lies 100 yards of fairway leaving a yardage between 160 yards and 80 yards to the middle of the long green. Deep greenside bunkers front left and right will swallow wide balls making a possible par a near impossibility. It will take 3 solid hits to find this green in regulation but the chance is on.



Hole 15 | Par 4

Blue: 450 | White: 397 | Red: 369


The 15th hole is one of the strongest holes at Royal Palm. At 420 yards, this par 4 needs length and accuracy if you are to escape with a respectful score. The huge lake that dissects the fairway from the tee needs a firm hit of 220 yards just to find dry land. Even after a good drive, the contoured fairway makes sure that you will rarely have a flat lie. Water on the right will come into play from the tee for long balls hit 280 yards to the right. The approach to the green is no more inviting than the tee shot. The green sits above the level of the fairway and only offers a narrow entrance. A ball hit a fraction left of the green will either find a very deep bunker or water. The slope left of the green is extremely punishing and will without doubt pull the ball into major trouble. Shots hit short can be gathered back down the fairway due to the steady climb from the fairway to the front edge of the green. The front of the putting surface is protected by two tall contours either side. This makes putting judgment very difficult.


5 Banyans

Hole 16 | Par 4

Blue: 365 | White: 343 | Red: 314


The 16th hole continues to ask for serious course strategy. A lake sits in front of the tee with a short area of fairway beyond. Between the fairway and green lies another lake quietly hidden from view from the tee. The carry of the first lake is 160 yards. The length of the short fairway from beginning to water is 100 yards. Any ball hit long will certainly find the water. From the fairway the view of the green is open and the shot requires you to hold your nerve to clear the water and find the green. If you can navigate your way between the two lakes, then the hole should not cause too many problems.


Fairy Meadows

Hole 17 | Par 4

Blue: 370 | White: 348 | Red: 309


A medium length par 4 which will test your tee shot accuracy as this is defiantly the tightest hole at Royal Palm. The teeing ground is set in an area of trees with the fairway rising upwards into a narrow funnel. The width of the fairway is narrowed in by two large fairway bunkers in the landing area. The width from bunker to bunker is only 15 yards, so the tee shot has to be carefully threaded through to avoid the sand. The small landing area acts a plateau from which the green comes into view. From the plateau the fairway drops down and steadily rises up to the green front. The length from the tee to the ideal spot is 230 yards. From this position a mid iron approach to a sand guarded green is needed. This is a beautiful golf hole with the emphasis being on a well calculated tee shot.


Le Dome

Hole 18 | Par 4

Blue: 405 | White: 372 | Red: 320


An amazing finishing hole to an amazing golf course. This modest par 4 will test every area of you game, from the tee, to the approach, to the putting green. The view from the tee gives very few clues as to the lay out of the hole. Thick trees on the left slowly curve to the left as the hole continues. A portion of fairway is visible up to 240 yards until the trees on the right side also snake off to the left side. As the hole turns to the left 240 yards from the tee, the view is spectacular. A large lake spouting water from the fountains appears, a meandering fairway flows left and then sharply to the right, where the large green waits for the final challenge that a player can throw. The shot from 185 yards to the middle of the green will need to bypass the lake and miss the 3 green side bunkers. The putting green slopes heavily from back to front with many subtle breaks to catch a poorly judged putt. This finishing hole will test even the best golfers to play Royal Palm.