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We provide the most amazing film experience in Lahore at our 3D cinema, with a top of the line sound processor – The DCP 300. The DCP 300 it has digital input for 16 channels Booth Monitor & Digital Crossover along with network control and monitoring of DSP, amplifiers & speakers in one integrated package which provides magical sound



AudiPlex I is a state-of-the-art facility created for a unique film experience which can also be used for viewing documentaries, live concerts and live telecast of international award ceremonies. This first of its kind facility in Pakistan can live broadcast all major global sporting events, in addition to playing Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters. Moreover, Audi 1 is an ideal venue for holding seminars, live webinars, and online board meetings. Next to screening room, there is a 150 seat conference and seminar room called “The Congress Room” and a smaller 10-40 seat room called “The Congress Board Room”. Both these rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, built in audio system, built in overhead projectors and roll up screens.




Audiplex 2 boasts a compact size of 110 seats, 80% of which are perfectly angled allowing a greater cinema experience. Supported by QSC, the sound system & optimum acoustic design create a great impact during the action scenes. To support, the D-projector 3D technology from Mirror X 3D of US, has been installed which is a cutting edge 3D polarizer. Mirror X 3D provides 100% digitization of the image, thus giving superior image & minimize ghosting by filtration. It has a very high penetration ratio of both eyes, greater than 100, and brightness has been rated close to 19% which is very high for a 3D system. As a result, the image on screen is far clearer and sharper.




AUDIPLEX III is another addition to this luxurious movie going experience, catering to more people with a seating capacity of around 120+ seats.  Inviting viewers to step into a magical realm of visual detail, Audi III is a mini theatre all in itself. The digital experience remains flawless with Christie 3D screen, lending crisp images to be savoured by the viewers; with enhanced details, every movie captures the attention. The comfortable cinema chairs and seats throughout the Audiplex provide a relaxed and calm movie break from the routine without the audience struggling to find a better seat. With a larger screen and a large seating capacity, the audience is greeted with a glitzy interior turning any regular day into a fantastic movie day accompanied by crunchy nachos and popcorn.