Royal Palm Golf and Country Club



Frequently asked Questions



Q1) Is my membership transferable or non-transferable?

Ans) Membership numbers can identify membership types. All memberships with a letter followed by a number are transferable & non-transferable.

Q2) Can I sell my membership to the club/is my membership fee refundable?

Ans) Membership fee is non-refundable. Selling your membership to another individual is not RPGCC’s responsibility, we only facilitate in transferring the membership.

Q3) What is the criterion for transfer of membership?

Ans) Criteria for membership transfer is as follows:

  • Individual Membership: After the completion of tenure of 3 years from date joined membership can be transferred to another individual.
  • Corporate Membership: Nominees can be transferred at any stage.
  • Individual Membership TRAXX-NT: TRAXX-NT Membership can only be transferred to member’s children.

Q4) Is there any transfer fee?

Ans) Yes. A transfer fee of 10% of the prevailing rate is applicable on individual memberships. A transfer fee i.e. 5% of the prevailing rate if nominee is changed in the 1st year and after 1 year 2.5% of prevailing rate is applicable on corporate memberships.

Q5) How many people can be accommodated in swimming pools?

Ans) The accommodation of people depends on their number. No maximums or minimum number is identified. But the important note is that membership holders can only use these services.

Q6) Are gym services available for women?

Ans) Yes, Gym services are available for women with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and professional trainers prioritizing personal attention while designing fitness programs best suited to your individual needs.

Q7) Are there any age restrictions for people using gym services?

Ans) Principal members and their children can use these services. The children of principle members who are above age 21 cannot use these services.

Q8) Do individual needs of gym include the music facilities?

Ans) Yes, the gym caters to all member’s needs pertaining to entertain you including the music.

Q9) Are lockers available to members for gym?

Ans) Yes, the lockers are available for members.

Q10) Are lockers available to members for swimming pools?

Ans) Yes, the lockers are available for members.

Q11) Which restaurants are working during covid-19?

Ans) Restaurants including; Chameleon, café scarlet, Palmers are working during Covid-19.

Q12) Is palmer lawn available for people other than members?

Ans) The palmer is exclusively available for our Golfers.

Q13) What is the operating time for Women Swimming pool?

Ans) The operating time for swimming pool starts from 7am till 8pm.

Q14) Are banquet halls or marquees can be booked for Qawwali nights during covid-19?

Ans) No, the banquet halls or marques cannot be booked for Qawwali nights during covid-19. But otherwise, the services were available.

Q15) Can the wedding menu be changed as per individual needs or demands?

Ans) No, the wedding menus can not be changed as per individual needs or demands. We work according to the policies given by Pakistan Government.

Q16) Can boardroom be booked for seminars?

Ans) Yes, the boardrooms can be booked for seminars.

Q17) Who responds to the given email on the website?

Ans) The people in the Member Service Office responds to the emails.

Q18) Are there any events happening at club during Covid-19?

Ans) Only WEDDINGS are happening upon following Covid SOPs, the concerts and other social gatherings are not happening.

Q19) Are there any play areas and care takers available for children under age 5?

Ans) There are no such activities or caretakers available for children under age 5.

Q20) Are there any shops available to buy goods that might be needed for a game?

Ans) No shops are there to buy goods, members are requested to bring their own.

Q21) Who can be contacted to inquire about membership details?

Ans) You can contact or visit the Member Services Office.

Q22) Who can be contacted to arrange a birthday party?

Ans) Food and beverages (FNB) can be contacted using UAN number given on website i.e., 042-111602602.

Q23) Does Royal Palm work under Pakistan railways government or is it private?

Ans) It is working under Pakistan railways at present.

Q24) What are the contact details of restaurants?

Ans) Kindly use our UAN to inquire further i.e., 042-111602602.

Q25) Is there any Italian restaurant in the club?

Ans) Yes, chameleon serves Italian food.

Q26) Where to look for member ratings of restaurants?

Ans) It will be soon available on the website. We are working on it. Thank you for your feedback.

Q27) Can people living abroad apply for membership whilst staying there?

Ans) Yes, people living in abroad can process their memberships whilst staying there. But their physical appearance is also important whenever they visit Pakistan, they are requested and required to visit the club during their visit.

Q28) What are the necessary documents required for membership?

Ans) Including the membership form provided by Member Service Office, we require you to bring your CNIC (NADRA card) and your recent 4 passport size photographs, your marriage certificate and B-form of your children.

Q29) Why your website takes hours to load?

Ans) If you are facing loading issues, kindly check your internet connection. Our website does not take more than few seconds to load.

Q30) Does membership type remain the same on transferring it to another individual?

Ans) Yes, membership type remains the same on a transfer i.e., Founder membership transferred to another individual will be transferred with the founder status along with all its privileges.

Q31) What does the color of the membership card (Gold, Silver & Blue) represent?

Ans) The color of membership card represents;

  • Gold Card: For Founder (The ones who are starter members)
  • Silver Card: For Premier (Regular member’s individual members)
  • Blue Card: For TRAXX Memberships (TRAXX Members)

Q32) If the member has two wives, are both wives entitled to be supplementary members?

Ans) No, only one of the wives can be registered as lifetime supplementary member.

Q33) How many children are entitled to use the club facilities as supplementary members?

Ans) Not more than five children are allowed to use the club facilities as supplementary members.

Q34) What is the age limit for member children to avail club facilities?

Ans) For Founder members age limit for children is 24 years. For individual/Premier memberships acquired before 1st September 2005 the age limit is 21 years.

Q35) What happened to when member’s children exceed the age limit to be a supplementary member?

Ans) Member’s children after exceeding their age limits can acquire their own membership at the discounted rates.

Q36) Who can come and enjoy the facilities in these restaurants?

Ans) Only members and their guests can avail the restaurant facilities. Non-members are not allowed to come unless accompanied by a member.

Q37) How many different restaurants do we have and what kind of food is served there?

Ans) We have restaurants serving food such as;

  • Chameleon (Fusion Cuisine) with a Seating Capacity: 120 persons
  • Palmers Sports Bar (more towards snacks) with a Seating Capacity: Approximately 140-150 persons inside & at the terrace.
  • TRAXX Café: It is a family dining area, which will serve Pakistani food, Continental & Chinese cuisine with a Seating Capacity: 75 persons inside & on the deck 150 persons.
  • BBQ Café adjacent to Palmers Sports Bar, serving typical Pakistani grilled and other dishes on the buffet. A La Carte BBQ items like Grilled Lobster, Grilled Prawns, Grilled Pomfret etc. will also be available. With a Seating Capacity: 125 approximately.
  • Caviar Bar serving very selected snacks menu, with a Seating Capacity: 70 – 80 persons.

Q38) Who can come and enjoy the facilities in the restaurants?

Ans) Only members and their guests can avail the restaurant facilities. Non-members are not allowed to come unless accompanied by a member.

Q39) How frequently does menus of the restaurants change?

Ans) Menus are revised and updated quarterly.

Q40) What are the timings and dress code for all the restaurants?

Ans) The timings and dress code for the restaurants are mentioned below in detail;

  • Chameleon

Smart (Dress shirt, Trousers, Dress Shoes) Shalwar Kameez with coat or waistcoat only.

No flip-flops and open shoes allowed.

Sunday-Thursday                    1 pm to 3:30 am – 7 am to 11:30 pm

Friday-Saturday                      1 pm to 3:30 pm – 7 pm to 3:30 am

  • Palmers

Clean dry sportswear, Smart Casuals, Shalwar Kameez with coat or waistcoat only.

No flip-flops and open shoes. Shorts permitted up to 7 pm.

Sunday-Thursday                    11 am till 12 midnight

Friday-Saturday                      11 am to 1 am

  • TRAXX Café

Casual clothes but shorts are not allowed.

Sunday-Monday                     7 am till 12 midnight

Q41) What are the specific rules & regulations for all these restaurants?

Ans) The rules and regulations are discussed below;

  • Children below the age of 12 are not allowed in Palmer’s & Chameleon. Parents or an adult member should accompany children between the ages of 12-15. No age limit for kids in TRAXX Café.
  • Appropriate dress code is a must for all facilities.
  • Servants & guards are not permitted to enter and should wait in the designated area.
  • Guest’s policy is to be observed. A member is not allowed to bring more than 3 guests along and occupy the tables for more than 100 minutes.
  • No weapons or illegal substances are permitted in any part of the club.
  • Filming and photography is not allowed.

Q42) What banqueting facilities we have?

Ans) Banqueting facilities are given below in detail;

  • Fairways—— capacity of 250 persons on round tables and 400 persons on casual/theatrical seating.
  • Doom—— capacity of 330 persons on round tables and 600 with theatrical or casual seating soon to be started in Family Clubhouse.
  • TCH Lawn—— can accommodate 350 persons with round and 500 persons on casual/theatrical seating.
  • Front Lawn—— can accommodate 450 persons with round tables and 600 persons with casual/theatrical seating.
  • Palmers Lawn—— Exclusive area only for club events or for member events only with special permission. It can accommodate 1000 persons with round tables 1500 person with casual/theatrical seating.
  • Roof Top—– can accommodate 700 persons with round tables and over 1000 persons with casual/theatrical seating.
  • Driving Rang—– can accommodate 3500 persons with round tables and 5000 with casual/theatrical seating.
  • Card Room—– can accommodate 40-50 persons for meetings.
  • Board Room—– in various locations for meetings and small conferences for 10-50 persons.

Q43) What are the menu and venue charges for weddings?

Ans) Venue charges are included in the menu. Menu charges depend on the desired items and facilities.

Q44) Can members arrange private parties at the club?

Ans) Yes members can arrange private parties, cocktail receptions, wedding receptions birthday parties’ seminars & conferences, corporate events, launching ceremonies etc.